Specifications driving simulator

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The specs can also be downloaded as a pdf file.

Control unit

The control unit consists of a G29 steeringwheel plus gear shifter and pedals.

It is very important to realize that the driving simulator software is not like a game. In a game, the forward field of view is typically around 60 degrees. In the simulator, there’s a forward view, a view to left and to right and each view has a rearview mirror. So, that’s 6 channels in total, opposed to 1 channel is a typical computer game. Effectively these 6 channels give a 360 degrees surround view. Modern graphics boards (GPU’s) are very fast but they all are still limited in the number of drawing primitives that can be transferred between the CPU and the GPU per second, or the band width. That’s why most computers and their GPU and not suitable for use as a driving simulator, because band width is simply too low. Especially, laptops are always unsuitable.

Also, 16 GB of memory is needed because the 3 channel rendering with large databases requires over 9 GB in a number of cases.

That’s why the highest possible band width is needed. The NVidia GTX1080  is HIGHLY recommended.




Rendering displays

3 (+ 1 for userinterface).

Display resolution

max. 1920×1080 per display. Has to be widescreen.

Horizontal field of view

210 degrees.

Number of lessons


Check where driver is looking at

Optical headtracking via webcam + special software. Used by virtual instructor and student assessment system.

Graphical databases

12, rural environments, town, highway, motorways, roundabouts etc.

Virtual instructor

Yes, gives instructions and feedback o driving behaviour. Large number of tasks monitored automatically, for example, headway, driving speed, (speed limits), lane following (steering and use of lane), lane changing, overtaking, priority rules, approaching and driving on roundabouts etc.

Traffic model

Advanced autonomous traffic that behaves very natural. High traffic density.

Scenario generation

Via (binary compiled) fast scripts.

Student assessment system

Every student has an excel sheet with detailed data per lesson, a strength-weakness analysis, a printpage with summary info.

Rendering surfaces

Left, center and right out-of-the window views, rearview mirrors left, center and right, top view to assess vehicle position on the road.

Sound generation

3D sound generation.

Special circumstances

Night driving, fog, rain and snow.

Gear shifting

Both manual and automatic (selected via user interface).


Via configuration tool. To configure display resolutions, input devices (easy to add different gear shifter, pedals, buttons etc), rendering (shadow generation, glow mapping for night driving) etc.

Series of lessons

Create complete packages via chaining a series of lessons.

Type of training

Automation training of separate driving tasks (steering, gear changing, driving off, lane changing etc), vehicle handling, traffic participation in complex traffic scenarion (enter highways, roundabouts etc), and special circumstances.


Three rendering processes (left, middle, right) on separate processors, traffic generation, scenario control, user interfacing and head tracking on separate processor. Total use of 4 processors.

Vehicle model

Advanced mathematical vehicle- and engine model, for realistic driving. Graphical models to drive in include Toyota prius, Tata Nano, Articulated truck and city bus.


Versions available for the Netherlands, India, Australia, UK, South Africa, etc. Software can be translated into other languages (at present Dutch and English) and for different traffic rules and road signs as found in other countries.

Side of the road

Both left-lane and right-lane driving versions available.






600 Watt


Intel Core i7-6700, 3.4 GHz.        IMPORTANT!


MSI B150M or similar


16 GB DDR4


SSD 240GB.                                    SSD is IMPORTANT!

Graphics board

NVidia GTX1080                            IMPORTANT!

Operating system

Windows7 Pro 64 bit or Windows10 Pro 64 bit



DVD player



Logitech G29 Driving Force + Driving Force Shifter.


4 x 23 inch monitors widescreen (16:9).

Head tracking

TrackIR 5 (not required)


2.1 soundsystem