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Virtual environments

Both the driver training and the research simulator software comes with a set of 15 virtual environments. Depending on the specific country,  databases can be made for left hand driving or right hand driving, and the sceneries are adapted to the country the customer resides in. So the virtual environments for a middel east country such as Saudi Arabia are very different form the environments for a humid country such as Germany. In the pictures below,  an impression is given for a few virtual environments that act as the stages for the driver training simulations, with examples for  a European country on the left and the same file for a middel east country on the right. If you click on a picture a large higher resolution image will  be displayed.

Examples of West-European environments: click on any imageExamples of Middle-east environments: click on any image

Images with traffic scenarios


Simulation of driving on a curved stretch of road in a rural environment. Only the middle screen is displayed and no sound.