Safety awareness


The driver training software for driving schools has been terminated. Carnetsoft specialized in research simulation software and clinical applications and this takes up all available time and resources. This means that Carnetsoft has stopped selling the driver training software to driving schools and secondary schools or any other clients that provide driver training services.

However, the driver training package is still included in the research simulator software package.

Safety Awareness Modules

The safety awareness modules are included as a standard addition in the driver training package. Especially young male drivers have an increased accident risk. Important reasons are lack of driving experience, and this makes them especially vulnerable to other risk factors, and overestimation of driving skills.

Important risk factors, that are responsible for a large number of fatal accidents in traffic, are use of alcohol while driving (impaired driving) and distraction. Young drivers are more involved than other drivers in accidents caused by distraction because they tend to use smart phones while driving more often than other groups. By making young drivers aware of the effects of alcohol and distraction on driving performance, they will experience the risk involved. Because young drivers tend to overestimate their driving skills and often have the idea that they will not be affected by alcohol or distraction, these practices will function as an eye opener to them.

The following practices are included:

simulation of alcohol impairment

simulation of distracted driving

eco driving. Although this practice is intended to make the driver aware of the effects of driving style on fuel consumption, it includes safety awareness issues as well, because in order to save fuel, the driver has to anticipate far in advance, which results in safer driving as well.