Specifications driving simulator

driving simulator image

The specs can also be downloaded here as a pdf file….

Control unit

The control unit consists of a G29 steering wheel plus gear shifter and pedals.

It is very important to realize that the driving simulator software is not like a game. In a game, the forward field of view is typically around 60 degrees. In the simulator, there’s a forward view, a view to left and to right and each view has a rearview mirror. So, that’s 6 channels in total, opposed to 1 channel is a typical computer game. Effectively these 6 channels give a 360 degrees surround view. Modern graphics boards (GPU’s) are very fast but they all are still limited in the number of drawing primitives that can be transferred between the CPU and the GPU per second, or the band width. That’s why most computers and their GPU and not suitable for use as a driving simulator, because band width is simply too low. Especially, laptops are always unsuitable.

Also, 24 GB of memory is needed because the 3 channel rendering with large databases requires a lot of memory.

That’s why the highest possible band width is needed. Please check the pdf documument with the actual specs to see the required hardware.